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Complicated payment routing, make easy

Set up flows and payouts relevant to your platform and business model, no matter how elaborate - we've seen it all.

Split payments to meet your business needs

No matter your business model, utilize Paysafe’s API to customize how payments and transactions are split.

  • Easily split payouts and refunds for cards and bank payments
  • Manage multiple use cases with unlimited splits
  • Generate revenue by collecting a service fee
  • Transfer money between linked accounts to collect additional fees or push special promotions
                    curl -X POST \
  -u devcentre322: cGF5c2FmZV9hY2NvdW50OnBheXNhZmVfYXBpX2tleV9mb3JfdGVzdGluZw== \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d ' {
         "merchantRefNum" : "demo-1",
         "amount" : 10098,
         "card" : {
           "cardNum" : "4111111111111111",
             "street":"100 Queen Street West",
             "zip":"M5H 2N2"
          "splitpay": [
              "linkedAccount": "123124124",
              "percent": 5
              "linkedAccount": "767862873",
              "amount": 500
        } '