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Cryptо at the crossroads

Join the debate around the crypto payments revolution

Online webinar: 7 March 2022 at 3pm GMT


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The rise of crypto

An increasing number of companies across the globe are tapping into the potential of crypto for speed, transparency, and portfolio expansion. Some believe crypto is the future of finance, others are more skeptical. Either way, it’s gathering pace and it’s our job to build momentum and help ensure crypto becomes a mass market payment solution.

In this webinar, jointly hosted by Paysafe and VISA, we’ll explore what it will take to achieve this, tackling the big questions, such as:

  • Is crypto genuinely on the path to global adoption?
  • The role crypto exchanges play in fostering consumer adoption.
  • What challenges lie ahead?
  • How global brands like VISA and Paysafe are proactively helping crypto go mainstream 

Whether you’re just starting out on your crypto journey or looking to expand your current capability, this webinar will give you the insight and practical advice you need. It will also give you the opportunity to put your questions to our experts.


Our panel

Nikola Plecas

Director Visa Europe, Crypto Business Lead

"Consumers now have access to thousands of crypto exchanges globally. But that isn’t enough to make crypto truly mainstream.”

Klaus Steinkamp

Visa Direct Sales Leader

“Enabling a quick and easy way to buy crypto is key. How do we address these consumer challenges?”

Justin Fraser

SVP, Enterprise Sales, Europe & LATAM Acquiring

“Can we protect the integrity of the payment ecosystem and still address key challenges, while we take crypto mainstream?”

Join the debate with Paysafe and VISA by registering here:

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