Case Study

Furniture Retail

From off-the-shelf to custom solutions

Summary: So easy!

Paysafe Pay LaterTM‘s changes to internal payment processes  for furniture retailers resulted in increased customer satisfaction.

The goal: To make everyone happy!

A supplier in the furniture industry wanted to reduce customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction. Paysafe Pay LaterTM adjusted the end-user payment process to help bring about these changes.

The challenge: What happens if there’s a problem?

A customer orders kitchen cabinets. Upon delivery, the customer is upset that the cabinets are the wrong color, and files a complaint with the merchant. The merchant will need six more weeks to deliver the cabinets in the correct color. Although the merchant has received the customer’s complaint, the order is still flagged as open in the payment workflow, and the customer automatically receives a reminder to pay the outstanding balance. This causes frustration for the customer and a complex complaint that the merchant must resolve.

The solution: Intelligent merchant support!

After detailed discussions with merchants, and careful analysis of their needs, Paysafe Pay LaterTM has adapted internal payment processes to benefit both customers and merchants. This allows the payment process to be stopped if an order is not delivered correctly. The merchant informs Paysafe Pay LaterTM Merchant Support about the delay in fulfillment, and the payment due date is adjusted to match the revised delivery date.

The result: A custom solution for all!

Because Paysafe Pay LaterTM handles every aspect of the payment process, the merchant can focus on the trade and delivery of his products. This custom solution for furniture retailers resulted in a substantial decrease in complaints to Customer Support.