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General information about the Customer Service Department

Are you looking for new opportunities to practice your language skills? If languages are your passion and a personal goal of yours is to deep dive into Fintech world, take the chance to join our Customer Service team in Bulgaria. Get familiar with the innovative products we develop and meet our agents who serve customers in 8 languages across the globe. We believe that a key point in dynamic environment is the friendly atmosphere full of different and challenging working days. The foundation of our success are the common values and culture of trust across the organization. We are open in our communication, focused on our clients and results, courageous and pioneers welcoming new joiners who identify themselves with our values. Be part of the change with many opportunities for career development and progression. Are you ready to take the next step?

Join our next Customer Service group on March 6th.

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VIP Executive with German and English

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Customer Relations Executive with French and English

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Customer Relations Executive with English

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VIP Executive with Portuguese and English

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Career success stories

 Monika Koeva, Customer Service Quality Analyst, joined 2019

"I joined in November 2019, starting as a Customer Service Representative with English. I worked as an agent for a year and a half, then I joined the Customer Service Quality team which I am happy to be part of today. In my career progression I have had constant support coming from my line managers who have been truly understanding, encouraging, always open for communication and have helped me gain more experience and define better my strengths and weaknesses. To have a career growth at Paysafe, one should be aware of their pure motivation to develop in and contribute to the desired field, and to have a realistic sense of skill set and abilities. To obtain that, communication is key."

 Emanuel Burlakov, Outbound Sales Team Lead, joined 2017

"I started my career at Paysafe almost 6 years ago as a CS Executive with English. Several months later I moved to the night shift. Following some discussions with my manager, I decided to aim for the Customer Relations Team Leader position and once it became available, I applied and got promoted. About a year later I saw the opportunity to take on the Outbound Sales team and I went for it. I was reluctant to leave the team I managed as I had an excellent relationship with everyone and after discussing it with the management, I was allowed to keep both teams. I believe that if you approach people at Paysafe with a smile and an open mind you can get far."

 Plamena Shivacheva, Service Operations Manager, joined 2016

"When I joined Paysafe 6 years ago, I started as a Customer Service Representative with French and English. I spent 2.5 years on my entry position and then got promoted to a Team leader. Another 2.5 years later I changed my position to Service Operations Manager, still in the Customer Service department. Ever since I joined Paysafe, I’ve had amazing managers to support me along the way. A career growth can happen with hard work, motivation and integrity. At Paysafe we value our people and will always encourage career development. Set clear goals, think about what will bring you joy and fulfilment, approach as many people as possible who could help you acquire new competences and then take small, but steady steps towards the desired career progression."

 Vyara Iskrova, Customer Service Trainer, joined 2020

"I started at Paysafe in October 2020 as a Customer Service Representative, and I remained in this position until February 2022 when I saw an opportunity to join the Training team. I applied for the role of Customer Service Trainer and, luckily, I was offered the job. I’ve never imagined myself as anything else and my Team Leader also provided feedback that she saw me fit for it. I really wanted to be able to harness my creativity and I was thinking more about what role would help me develop further the qualities I like in myself the most. This is how I ended up where I am now. If I could give any advice on career growth, I’d simply say that you need to think not as much about how the title of the position sounds rather than what you want to do every day."

 Hristo Gerasimov, Delivery Manager PSG, joined 2008

"I’ve been working in Paysafe for the past 14 years going through several roles in different departments and my experience is extremely positive! I started back in 2008 as a regular Customer Service Representative with zero experience. Thanks to fantastic atmosphere within the department and guidance provided by my line managers in the next several years I went through the positions of Senior Representative and then I was promoted to a Team Leader. After some time, I decided to explore the IT world and in 2020 I moveд to IT Development, where I started as Software QA Engineer. At present, I am holding a position of Delivery Manager, leading Team of both amazing engineers and great colleagues. Whole this journey was possible thanks to our amazing Management Team and company values."

 Dobrin Rumenov, Team Lead, Key Account Management, joined 2011

"I started in June 2011 as a Customer Service representative with English. In 2013 I was promoted to a CS representative level 2.  At the end of 2014 I applied for a role in the Gaming Operations Team that supported our tier 1 Gambling and Forex merchants. Somewhen in 2015 I spotted an opportunity in the Account Management team. After 6 years as an account manager, in 2021 I got promoted to Team Lead, Key Account Management. I have always had quite meaningful career development conversations with every single one of my managers. Be proactive and not reactive. Proactive people are much more likely to succeed. The journey is tough and never easy but if you work hard enough it always gets noticed and pays off."


Social benefits package

We have a great social benefits package - 25 days annual paid leave, health insurance, sports card, internet allowance, team events, variety of soft skills, business and technical training programs.

We also offer opportunity to work from the comfort of your home and select the most suitable office collaboration days for you and your team.

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At Paysafe, we strive for speed and efficiency in our recruitment process. If you are interested in applying for one of the open roles we have, our Interview Process Whitepaper can help you prepare for the path that lies ahead.


Interview Process

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