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Celebrating Influential Women in Payments: Meet Chris Petersen, SVP of Partnerships & Core Verticals

An interview with Chris Petersen, who is one of our newest female leaders at Paysafe, about her experiences in the workplace and the path to inspiring career growth.

At Paysafe, we continue to focus on gender diversity as one of our core objectives and remain committed to the process of pushing the needle forward and driving gender equality across the organization.

In the final days of Women’s History Month 2023, we hear from one of our newest female leaders at Paysafe, Chris Petersen, SVP of Partnerships and Core Verticals, about her experiences in the workplace and the importance of mentorship throughout every stage of one’s career growth.

As SVP of Partnerships and Core Verticals at Paysafe, Chris is responsible for nurturing and growing Paysafe’s global revenue channels by expanding our strategic partnerships.

What was a unique leadership challenge you faced in the last year?

The challenge I faced in the last year is one that I think is less unique than consistent. Organizations have been changing in a number of ways, whether they’re acquiring new talent or moving in new directions to embrace technological innovation and expanding within emerging markets all while maintaining and growing revenue. The new leadership challenge is to understand how to succeed while empowering current and future employees when everything is changing at the same time and at such a rapid pace. The most important focus, beyond servicing customers, is to reassure team members that their contributions matter. We must find creative solutions to not only make customers feel comfortable with where the company has been and where it’s going but employees as well, which takes coordination and proactive communication from an internal and external perspective.

How important is it to prioritize new hires with payments industry experience, compared to

bringing in talent from other industries?

I’m of the mindset that great people are great people, regardless of industry expertise. It’s important that we elevate our recruitment strategies to hire the right candidates and avoid internal structures that overlook people with different backgrounds and skill sets. It’s imperative to remember that there’s more to a person beyond the resume. Some candidates will bring expansive payment experience to the role while others may have varied expertise that can accelerate the business in a profound way. The right person for the position is the most important thing to consider, alongside the candidate’s background and how well they meet the requirements of the position. 

Which job so far taught you the most?

Over the years, I have found that every job teaches something valuable. Some lessons are quite specific and may apply to a particular role, while others are reflective of my career in its entirety. Many things I have learned come from the position but also from the people and the situations – every opportunity is a learning experience, which carries into the next role or phase of life. I have learned many parts of the business and developed an understanding of customers’ needs and expectations. This varied experience has made me successful throughout my career, and I believe having a continuous learning mindset enables ambition and inspires people to be the driver of their own success. 

Who has been your biggest cheerleader as you rose in the payments industry? How have

they helped your career.

Successful people learn quickly from others and don’t do everything solo. Regardless of where or how long you have been employed, having a mentor is one of the more important resources you can have for your career. Reflecting on my own experience as a leader in the payments sector, having mentors both within and outside the industry has been extremely important for my professional and personal growth. This collective community helped me to become a well-rounded leader. My piece of advice to younger colleagues is to spend time with people who are enthusiastic and passionate about their success. Mentors should help guide you on a positive path and motivate your success.