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Diversity and Inclusion

At Paysafe Diversity and Inclusion is considered a strategic priority and not just a tick box, numbers exercise. All members of our Board and Executive Teams have fully endorsed this and are committed to creating a working environment where everyone’s unique contribution is valued.

We operate in increasingly diverse communities throughout our global footprint and this diversity is evident in our workforce, our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We want Paysafe to be a great place to work and we expect our colleagues to treat each other, our customers, and our partners with respect and embrace one another’s differences.

In our increasingly competitive business environment, we understand that the performance and engagement of our employees is central to business success. An inclusive working environment, in which each employee is able to fulfil their potential and maximise their contribution, really matters at Paysafe. We recognise and value the creative potential that individuals of different backgrounds and abilities bring to their work.

We see equality legislation throughout our jurisdictions as setting ‘minimum standards’ and we want to go beyond ticking boxes. In promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, we want everyone to have access to jobs, training and development opportunities and for all people to be treated fairly.

We are committed to actively promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Below are some examples of what we do at Paysafe.

Board endorsement and D&I Steering Committee

Diversity and Inclusion is on both the Executive Committee and Board agendas. A Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee from across Paysafe, sponsored directly by Paysafe’s CEO, Philip McHugh meets on a regular basis to tackle key deliverables and discuss Paysafe’s progress in the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Key KPIs are reviewed and reported to the Board on a quarterly basis.

Colleague-led local D&I teams

Representing all of Paysafe’s key locations, our D&I teams meet on a regular basis to organise an interactive, engaging D&I programme that benefits underrepresented employees including across race and ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.  We also operate a very popular families network to ensure that those employees who are under pressure caring for family members also have a voice within the organisation to communicate the challenges they might be facing.

Raising awareness

The intention is to demonstrate that we all have a responsibility to actively challenge the assumptions we may have about others, how we can all display bias and be on the receiving end of it. Furthermore, senior managers are asked to participate in diversity and inclusion workshops to understand their role and responsibilities from a leadership perspective and ensure that we lead by example and foster the culture from the top.

Paysafe rolled out and continued to provide a range of D&I training initiatives:

  • Mandatory Diversity and Inclusion awareness training for all employees every two years with Open Mind. The training is designed to make our people think about the impact of unconscious bias on their relationships and consider situations where they can take action to be more open-minded to difference.
  • 177 senior managers took part in inclusive leadership training totalling over 420 hours of training
  • All D&I champions went through unconscious bias training and the training is available for all employees on JAM
  • Unbiased Recruitment training for HR recruitment teams
  • Anti-Harassment training


In 2020, Paysafe launched the Headspace plus membership for all Paysafe employees, giving employees the tools to support their mental health and wellbeing through guided meditation and a plethora of information and advice.