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The Paysafe Insights Podcast: How Covid-19 has Reshaped the Landscape for US Small Businesses

Paysafe has launched a new podcast channel, the Paysafe Insights Podcast. Episode 1 features Afshin Yazdian, CEO of U.S. Acquiring, discussing the impact of the pandemic on U.S. SMBs and how he sees the next 12 months.

In the Paysafe Insights Podcast we’ll be discussing how we see the future of payments, both in stores and online, and from a global and regionalized perspective. We’ll also highlight the role payments is playing to grow industries such as iGaming, travel, eSports, trading, eCommerce, and more. And we’ll do this by connecting you with industry experts from across our business and the wider payments network, who will give their insights on the most important topics happening right now and in the future.

Episode 1 features Afshin Yazdian, CEO of U.S. Acquiring. discussing how Covid-19 has reshaped the landscape for U.S. small businesses.

Afshin talks about the challenges that small businesses have faced and continue to face due to COVID-19 such as the labour shortage, mandated protocols around masks and seating, but how he also sees incredible opportunities arising out of the pandemic.

To be competitive, Afshin believe SMBs must use data more efficiently and Paysafe is providing tools that will allow SMBs to quickly analyse data and make decisions. Future trends in the space include small businesses accepting alternative payments including crypto.

Paysafe is well positioned in the US small business space and Afshin talks about many of the verticals where Paysafe excels including digital marketing, hospitality, petroleum, and iGaming. Paysafe is the global leader in iGaming, and they continue to grow this segment of the market. 

Afshin also shares some of his views looking back on his first 12 months with Paysafe and also his vision and plan for the future.

The Paysafe Insights podcast is available to download on all major podcast directories, including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

Episode 1 is also available to download here.