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The importance of omnichannel for ISVs

Three reasons why ISVs should consider adding a true omnichannel solution to their payment strategy.

We live in a consumer-driven society, and the customer experience matters now more than ever. And today, a good customer experience means factoring in the impact of COVID-19 on consumers’ attitudes. Due to the pandemic businesses are increasingly having to adjust their strategies to keep their customers safe, as well as provide flexibility for customers to choose how they shop and pay. It’s just as important for ISVs to adjust their payment strategies to enable their users to provide the omnichannel experience they are striving towards.

The key to providing an omnichannel experience is connecting all channels so that it’s completely frictionless – no matter if the consumer interacts with the business via mobile, desktop. in-person, or a combination of these. Payments are a critical piece of connecting the customer experience across these interactions via the checkout. At Paysafe, we provide ISVs with innovative payment capabilities to enable them to meet consumers expectations in today’s world.

We recently expanded our omnichannel offering by adding integrated cloud EMV payment capabilities through our longtime partner, Handpoint. This means ISVs can now deliver an enhanced in-person customer experience and unify all eCommerce and card-present data. The Handpoint Cloud SDK serves as a bridge between the web browser and the payment device, and there is real-time communication between the two.

Here are three reasons why ISVs should consider adding a true omnichannel solution to their payment strategy.

1. Enhanced in-person payments

Having a sleek, easy-to-use payment device is important when interacting with customers. The Handpoint Cloud SDK solution offers the Pax A920 which is designed for businesses to take payments from anywhere within their business or on the go. It has an intuitive user interface and enables businesses to accept EMV and contactless payments. This portable payment device has enhanced security with tokenization, point to point encryption and shields all card data. It also has tip capability so customers can simply leave a tip directly through the payment device’s screen.

2. More ways to pay

Payment methods are constantly changing, just like consumer preferences. That’s why it’s important for ISVs to integrate the latest payment methods to remain competitive. In fact, in our report, Lost in Transaction: The new relationship for ISVs and payments, we learned majority of ISVs have prioritized adding more payment methods to their integrated checkout within the next year. 87% of ISVs believe that there is a direct link between the number of payment methods their clients offer and the volume of business they do. The cloud EMV solution enables additional payment methods, such as in-person chip cards, leading mobile wallets, such as Apple PayÒ, and various online payment methods through Paysafe’s payment processing.

3. A seamless customer experience and greater insights

Through a single integration, ISVs can create a true omnichannel experience for their users and their customers. It doesn’t matter how a consumer pays – online or in-person – it provides a smooth checkout experience through every interaction. Plus, having all data within a single solution enables businesses to learn more about their customers and gain greater insights into their business’ performance. They can then use these analytics to make more informed decisions and target their customers based on their learnings about their customers spending trends.

As ISVs consider their payments strategy and are searching for a payments partner, omnichannel should be a top priority.