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Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women's Day serves as a powerful reminder of the progress we have made and the work that still lies ahead.

At Paysafe, we are proud of our commitment to gender equality and the steps we are taking to increase the share of women in our leadership roles.

Why International Women's Day matters to Paysafe

International Women's Day is not just a date in the calendar for us – it's a time to amplify our dedication to supporting a work environment where everyone has the chance to thrive, and this year one of our key goals is to achieve a minimum of 40% women in our leadership roles.  

We strongly believe that diverse perspectives drive innovation, creativity, and success, and recognise the importance of providing equal opportunities for all our employees, ensuring our workforce embodies the diversity among our customers and the communities we serve.

Steps we are taking towards gender equality

As an organisation, we are continuing to raise awareness of gender issues, implementing steps across our business to address challenges and support our female population.

  • Career development: We support women in their career advancement through mentorship, skill-building opportunities, and networking avenues. In 2023, 75 women were mentored by our senior leaders with a focus on professional development and career goals.
  • Inclusive policies and practices: From recruitment practices to performance evaluations, we are committed to ensuring fairness and transparency at every level. Last year, we took steps to enhance our parental leave policy company-wide, all with the aim of creating a more inclusive and compassionate work environment.
  • Empowering our DE&I network: We are especially proud of our six employee network groups that bring together communities and allies to create positive change. Equipping our networks with the right resources is a key priority for Paysafe.

All the activities planned for employees during Paysafe Women’s Month are designed to raise awareness of important issues related to gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and promote a culture of respect and inclusivity. Our brilliant Women@Paysafe network regularly arranges impactful initiatives, from speed networking and panel discussions, to employee recognition campaigns.

As we commemorate International Women's Day, we stand firm in our ambition to empower women and create a more equitable workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to thrive.