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Paysafe Publishers

A unique performance marketing network

Solution for advertisers

Solution for affiliates

A marketplace driven through meaningful partnerships

With close to 20 years experience in Digital Marketing, Paysafe Publishers brings a unique market place, where advertisers/brands can acquire new customers, monetise their traffic by partnering with complimentary brands and generate revenue by partnering with performance marketers.

Built on the principles of performance marketing, the Paysafe Publishers marketplace connects advertisers and affiliates/publishers to generate revenue while providing specialised payment solutions.

Who is Paysafe Publishers suited for?

Paysafe Publishers is suitable for all types and sizes of businesses including start-up businesses, small to medium size enterprises (SME) or larger more established brands looking to acquire new customers in a cost effective manner.

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Solution for advertisers:

Performance Marketing is one of the most attractive and efficient ways of acquiring new customers and sales. Whether you are a start-up or an established advertiser, Paysafe Publishers offers you access to a range of partners including content sites, PPC, social media, influencers, and coupon or cashback sites.

How the program works

Step 1: Join Program

to set up your offers & campaigns

Step 2: Publish your offers

to the marketplace

Step 3: Get Sales

from your affiliates

Advantages for advertisers

Reach your audience
Paysafe Publishers marketplace helps you reach the customers you want using a trusted and risk free commercial model

Experienced team
With close to 2 decades of experience in performance marketing, our team is proactive, relationship oriented and results-oriented

Monetise your traffic
Find your right match to partner with and cross market your offering

Robust tracking solution
Track and analyse all your sales and leads in a seamless and transparent manner

Realtime statistics
Get instant results on the performance of your campaigns and offers

Quick and safe payouts
Our market place uses our proprietary payment solutions to pay out affiliate commissions in a timely and flexible manner

Ensure brand safety with robust compliance and fraud monitoring

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Solution for affiliates:

The Paysafe Publishers marketplace offers affiliates of all sizes an opportunity to monetise their traffic by promoting unique offers.

How the program works

Step 1: Join Program

to set up your offers & campaigns

Step 2: Publish Link

across your networks

Step 3: Get Rewarded

for promoting

Advantages for affiliates

Quick payment
Get paid fast via our digital wallet Skrill or wire transfer & withdraw your commissions instantly worldwide

Reliable tracking
We offer reliable tracking solution that ensures you get awarded for every successful referral

High rewards
Receive commissions for every successfully converted sale or transaction generated through your referral link

Dedicated support
Our dedicated team is committed to helping you promote and grow

Free to join
Join our publisher program for free and get your referral link and start promoting offers. It’s that simple!

Promotional resources
You have access to a wide range of campaigns and ads to promote

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