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Putting the insurance industry back in safe hands

Nov 03, 2021

The role of payments in digital transformation.

Traditional insurance operators have reached a crossroads. The impact of COVID-19, the growth of digital financial services, and changing consumer expectations have opened the door for disruptive challengers to overtake them as leaders in the market.

Our latest whitepaper Putting the insurance industry back in safe hands examines why accelerating digital transformation is essential for traditional insurance businesses to combat this threat effectively, and why overhauling the consumer payments experience is the key to being competitive moving forward.

Key topics covered in this whitepaper include:

  • The industry trends we are seeing that have dramatically sped up the shift to digital-first services

  • Why the key interaction between insurers and their customers will always be payments

  • If the way consumers pay for insurance products, and claims are paid to consumers, are still fit for purpose today

  • The role that payments companies that specialise in the sector will playing in determining the winners and losers as the industry evolves


Putting the insurance industry back in safe hands is available to download now. 

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