Case Study


Leveraging payments to change the landscape of property rental around the world


  • Streamline the process of paying rent
  • Expand globally into new regions
  • Offer fully automated, real-time payments
  • Allow for quick resolution of failed attemps and issues

RentMoola is one of North America’s leading FinTech companies and a pioneer of the rental payments market. Its innovative online global property management platform enables tenants and owners across North America, Australia, the UK and Europe to pay rent and other utilities by credit card, debit card, as well as through Rentmoola’s alternative payment methods. 

The company also empowers its members to schedule rent payments and collections with ease, allowing them to pay for their rent anytime, anywhere; and provides benefits through its MoolaPerks program with hundreds of exclusive deals on travel, shopping and lifestyle products, along with the chance to win a range of giveaways.

RentMoola, and its award-winning solution, has been recognized as one of the six global technology companies to watch, and we’re proud to have supported their growth since 2013. 

Taking away the stress of paying rent

RentMoola’s mission is to streamline the process of paying rent and to make it easy and rewarding for both tenants and landlords. In an age of rapidly emerging card and online payments, cash and cheque are becoming inherently unreliable ways to pay. 

However, tenants and owners can find it difficult to change old habits, even if those habits sometimes result in problems – such as missed or late payments. Automating and rewarding both tenants and owners enables a frictionless payment solution that not only helps to manage payments but also delivers added value rewards. 

Rentmoola pioneered this service in North America but needed to streamline its payment management procedures to help it expand globally. It required a payment processing platform that was simple, user-friendly, and offered incentives for members to change their habits of standard rent payments. It was crucial that members had a choice between one-time and recurring monthly payments, and would be able to make them anywhere, anytime and on multiple devices. 

“Having Paysafe as a single provider supporting our payment needs in Canada, U.S. and Europe has been of tremendous benefit and has contributed to our successful international growth.”

Patrick Postrehovsky, Co-Founder and CEO of RentMoola

Fostering global expansion 

We supported RentMoola’s innovative platform by providing it with a customized integrated global payment processing service for its growing operations in Canada, U.S., Australia, the UK and Europe. 

As a result, RentMoola now offers a fully automated, real-time payment service for both landlords and tenants. With the help of our bespoke solutions, its payment platform allows tenants to schedule payments and send notes to their landlords when transferring money. The platform also provides instant notifications which allow for quick resolution of failed payment attempts, compared to a two week wait for bounced cheques. The process has proved to be both frictionless and user-friendly. 

What’s more, RentMoola has gone from strength to strength as a result of the partnership and is now live in over 400 cities worldwide with hundreds of millions of dollars already processed. Our solutions have seen it achieve an average year-on-year growth in processing dollars of 78 per cent, and nearly 100 per cent year-on-year growth in processing transactions.

  • 400

    Cities worldwide

  • 78%

    Annual YOY growth (dollars)

  • 100%

    Annual YOY growth (transactions)