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Going inside the crypto community

Who is investing in cryptocurrencies, why are they doing it, and what is their vision for a DeFi future? To find out we asked 2,000 members of the crypto community. Download our latest research report to find out what they told us.

Our consumer payments research project, Lost in Transaction: Consumer payment trends 2021, told us that almost one in ten consumers had started to adopt crypto as a payment method since the outbreak of COVID-19. We wanted to find out more, so in October 2021 we commissioned a survey among crypto owners in the U.S. and UK and asked them to tell us about their motivations for owning crypto, and how they think they will be able to use cryptocurrencies for payments in the future. The results of this research is available to download here.

Topics covered in this research include:

  • The demographics of the crypto community, including how often owners buy and sell crypto on average, the ways that they are acquiring crypto, and the number of cryptocurrencies they own.
  • The payment methods most commonly used to purchase cryptocurrencies, and where they are stored.
  • How confident and knowledgeable crypto owners are, and their risk appetite when investing.
  • Motivations for owning crypto, including how owners most want to use crypto in the future including payments, and where they want to do so.


Inside the crypto community: Plotting the journey to mass adoption is available to download now.