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#BreaktheBias this International Women’s Day

How do we #BreaktheBias in the payments industry?

This International Women’s Day, we asked our colleagues around Paysafe to contribute their thoughts on how we can #BreaktheBias for women in business.

Here’s what they said:

Chi Eun Lee, EVP & Chief of Staff and Women@Paysafe Executive Sponsor

“To break the bias, we need to know it. We need to become more sensitive to not only the known, obvious biases, but also the subtle ones that we aren’t aware of, which limit women from reaching their full potential. I hope we get smarter about these hidden biases!”

Paulette Rowe, CEO of Integrated and Ecommerce Solutions

"Breaking the bias includes addressing the entitlement gap that all too often holds women back from asking for the same career outcomes (promotions, compensation, access to mentors etc) than male peers. On this International Women’s Day let’s all recommit to the women in our lives to fulfil their full potential and demand more from society.”

Georgina Young, Head of Go To Market and Women@Paysafe Global Lead

“Differences can and should be celebrated; we need a world free of stereotypes where we value differences. Stop and think, use facts, don’t rely on feelings and opinions, and get involved in the discussion.”

Zoeta Deson, Account Manager and Black@Paysafe EU Lead

“Bias is a wall that separates us from the fact that we are all equal. An empowered woman can lead the world into change and guide us to a better tomorrow.”

Rachel McShane, CFO, Digital Wallets:

“As an industry if we want to develop and retain female talent we need to get better at enabling a work-life balance which allows you to be a parent AND have a seat at the table. If the pandemic has taught us one thing about flexible working, it is that it can be more productive and by no means you are doing any less of the job, if anything you are doing more.”

Lyuba Popova, Senior Legal Counsel:

“This is to all the women around the world who are trapped by their domestic legislations, do not have the right to make decisions about their bodies, be entrepreneurs or even vote; in 2022 it is time to #breakthebias!”

Ulrike Czekay, PR & Marketing Director at viafintech, a Paysafe company

“I think it is especially important to raise our children with a concept of how diverse the world is. They have to know that there are many different ways to live on this planet, and that they are all fine as long as they are carried out with respect towards others. To embrace diversity helps me to learn about other cultures to improve my communication in general – in my professional as well as in my private life.”

Homira Hendrickson, Director, Contact Center

“This means that we can have a world where men and woman are treated equally. A world free of stereotypes and discrimination. It is time for all people to be treated equal no matter what race, ethnicity, or gender you are. We need to value and celebrate our differences. My husband and I are raising 3 beautiful, strong-willed girls and it is important to teach them that they can do anything they set their minds to.”

Christine Fullerton, Financial Controller, EU Acquiring

“Breaking the bias, for me, means being an agent of change to ensure that all women regardless of their ethnicity, social background, marital and parental status, are treated fairly inside and outside the workplace, and are given equal opportunities to succeed.”

Karen Sullivan, VP Product Group Risk & Compliance and Families@Paysafe Global Lead

“To me, breaking the bias is about making a workplace gender neutral. I strongly believe women want all the same things as me; career development, progression and the opportunity to succeed. This shouldn’t be an issue, and we shouldn’t need to point it out. It should just be the norm. We should be able to live in a world free from stereotypes, where we are all valued and treated as equals.”