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My Paysafe: A week in the life of Cody Luu

Cody is a software engineer on the Atlanta team.

For you, is there a typical day or week at Paysafe?  

There are several activities that keep you busy and engaged. From sprint engagements such as standup, to coding, or attending our various tech Guilds (Git, Cloud Native, etc.), each week is rarely the same.

Tell us a bit more about the tech hub expansion in Atlanta?

My involvement with the Atlanta tech expansion has primarily been on merchant onboarding and payments solutions as a software engineer. Although we are a relatively small but growing team, each member has the opportunity to explore the entire stack of the merchant onboarding and payments platform.

What initially motivated you to join Paysafe?

I took an interest in Paysafe, and Fintech in general, when I realized the solutions we offer touch almost every financial aspect of our life. From merchant payment services, iGaming, to crypto and digital wallets, I wanted exposure to more. I am convinced Atlanta is on track to being a major fintech hub, so learning that Paysafe was expanding here made the move a no-brainer.

What do you think about the Paysafe brand new office space?

I am a fan of our new office, it’s a vibrant workspace inside of Ponce City Market. There are great restaurants just a few steps away from the office to enjoy lunch. You can also stroll the beltline if you need a quick break from work and get some fresh air.

Does Paysafe do a good job of communicating with its employees?

Paysafe does an excellent job communicating with the employees. We regularly have surveys to give feedback on the direction of our company, including townhall meetings at a wider level. I appreciate the transparency at these meetings where employees can post questions to leadership, and they will answer to the best of their ability.

How did you find having to work from home as opposed to working from the office? Would you explore this opportunity in the future if given the opportunity?

I appreciate the WFH option available to us at Paysafe, it showed that we are following the best guidelines possible and put the employee’s safety first, while still leaving an option to come in the office to have facetime with our coworkers occasionally.

Describe Paysafe with 3 words

Innovative, Inclusive, Open

You should come to work at Paysafe, because…

You should come to work at Paysafe because we care about the long term when it comes to moving to or staying with the latest technology. Since I have joined, I have seen our systems upgraded to harness the best cloud technologies possible in real time. We care about openness and collaboration more than any company I’ve known before, but most importantly delivering value to our customers and becoming a differentiating player in Fintech.

Cody Luu is a software engineer on the Atlanta team. Prior to joining Paysafe, he worked in hotelier accounting solutions and consulting. A fun fact about Cody is he’s in the (very) early stages of getting his airplane pilot’s license. His hobbies outside of work include playing traditional music and hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia with his wife.