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Real world business needs real-time payments

Enable customers to send money quickly and securely to anyone.

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Enable your customers to send money in real time 24/7. Thanks to our partnership with Mastercard Send and Visa Direct, customers can move money domestically or cross-border. It will be available on the other end within minutes. Game on!

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How It Works

Paysafe lets you securely send money to your customers, simply and quickly. Whether it’s a payout, a claim, or to withdraw funds from an account, payments are made directly to their cards or accounts in real time, around the world.

Why choose payouts?

  • Fast, simple, convenient: Make funds available to customers’ account within minutes – 24/7.
  • Increase customer satisfaction:  Add funds to cards customers already carry in their wallet.
  • Security and reliable partners:  Get peace of mind that you’re protected by Paysafe, Mastercard and Visa’s trusted financial network.
  • Streamline your payment operations:  An optimized and cost-effective alternative to managing your payments with single access point.