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The Paysafe Group comprises Paysafe Group Holdings Limited, together with its subsidiaries. Below is a list of Paysafe Group entities that process personal information within the scope of Paysafe Group’s Global Privacy Notice:

  • cpt Dienstleistungen GmbH (Germany)
  • EcomAccess Inc (Canada)
  • Flagship Merchant Service LLC (Delaware, USA)
  • Global Merchant Advisors LLC (USA, Delaware, USA)
  • IA Digital Marketing Inc. (Canada)
  • Income Access Limited (UK)
  • Leaders Merchant Services LLC ( Delaware, USA)
  • MAC Limited (Gibraltar)
  • NT Services Limited (Alberta, Canada)
  • Openbucks Corp (Delaware, USA)
  • Optimal Payments Services Inc (Delaware, USA)
  • Pays Services India LLP (India)
  • Pays Services Italy S.r.l (Italy)
  • PAYS Services UK Limited (UK)
  • Paysafe Bulgaria EOOD (Bulgaria)
  • Paysafe Capital LLC ( Delaware, USA)
  • Paysafe Financial Services (Canada) Inc (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Paysafe Financial Services Limited (UK)
  • Paysafe Group Holdings Limited (UK)
  • Paysafe Group Limited (Isle of Man)
  • Paysafe Holdings (US) Corp. (Delaware, USA)
  • Paysafe Holdings UK Limited (UK)
  • Paysafe Merchant Services Corp. (Delaware,USA)
  • Paysafe Merchant Services Inc. / Services aux commerçants Paysafe Inc. (Canada)
  • Paysafe Direct LLC (Delaware, USA)
  • Paysafe Payment Processing Solutions LLC (Delaware, USA)
  • Paysafe Payment Solutions Limited (Ireland)
  • Paysafe Prepaid Services Limited - Gibraltar Branch (Gibraltar)
  • Paysafe Prepaid Services Limited (Ireland)
  • Paysafe Services (Canada) Inc. / Services Paysafe (Canada) Inc. (Canada)
  • Paysafe Technologies Inc. / Technologies Paysafe Inc. (Canada)
  • Paysafe Technology Services Austria GmbH (Austria)
  • paysafecard Ön Ödeme Servisleri Ltd. Şti. (Turkey)
  • Argentina S.R.L. (Argentina)
  • Deutschland (Zweigniederlassung der Prepaid Services Company Ltd) (Germany)
  • Mexico S.A. de C.V.(Mexico)
  • Schweiz GmbH (Switzerland)
  • USA Inc (USA)
  • Wertkarten GmbH (Austria)
  • Wertkarten UK (UK)
  • Wertkarten Vertriebs GmbH (Austria)
  • Prepaid Services Company Limited (UK)
  • Sentinel Bidco Ltd (UK)
  • Skrill Limited (UK)
  • Skrill New York, Inc (Delaware, USA)
  • Skrill Services GmbH (Germany)
  • Skrill USA Inc (Delaware, USA)