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Why choose Paysafe?

In a rapidly accelerating world, Paysafe is at the forefront of a revolution in digital finance and integrated payments.

We provide businesses of all sizes with the tools and support they need to scale, grow and convert more customers. Whether it’s for online or in-store card acceptance, secure cross-border payments, mobile points-of-sale or streamlined online checkouts, hundreds of thousands of customers have plugged into Paysafe and our global payment network.
Our 20+ year experience in the industry, and our unique multi-channel ability to process payments globally, allows us to serve direct merchants, platforms (such as ISVs or Marketplaces) or partners (such as an ISOs or Agents).
Active in 120 global markets, with over 70 different payment methods, our localised payment methods are trusted by tens of millions of consumers across the world. Whatever your model, size or sector, Paysafe helps you accept payments from customers — simply and securely — however they want to pay.